0Dear College Football Fans,

Here is why I don’t agree with the 8 team college playoff. The last 3-4 years we have seen players drop outta bowl games because they want to protect themselves from injury which also protects them from messing their chance up of getting millions of dollars. Well I’m not completely on board with these choices because I feel like you are giving up on your team but on the other hand the player is trying to put themselves and their family in a better position. If you go to a team playoff you are talking about an extra three games. The kids are already not getting paid but risking everything to please the fans. Some people go as far as asking for a 16 team playoff thats is outrageous. We are asking the kids to play Football year round gong into the league because after the season they have to get ready for the combine but in these formats they would be tired and still recovering from such a long season. The Combine is where they make their money so its not like they skip. Some would say they would shorten the season to make room for the playoffs not a total bad idea. Then the question will arise of how can you tell the teams are that good in such a short season. This past season there was a lot of movement in the polls so after the top 3 or 4 its hard to tell who is worthy of a spot. I understand that the college games are some what better than the NFL game because you are looking at kids tying to move up the draft board and make a name for themselves so they put it all on the field. The Four team is not perfect because it is somewhat a political thing. This season the four best teams Were Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, and Georgia. I know the Georgia thing has people saying can’t be. The purpose of the playoff committee is to put the four BEST teams in there. If you put in a team from 5 -25 against Georgia the Bulldogs are favored because they are the better team. The committee caught enough flack from having two SEC teams in the playoffs and on didn’t win the conference championship. When the game was played we had one of the greatest finishes in a bowl game period. The reason the conference championships have lost lack luster is because in certain conferences they have a bunch of mediocre teams if that and but you will have that one team that has a great coach done there done due diligence and built a great team for example Clemson a great team in a terrible conference. Oklahoma is from the Big 12 home of no defense. I know people go crazy over the scores that are put up in games but its not completely impressive because of the no defense rule in the division. Norte Dame isn’t in a conference and I’m not saying that removes them from playoff hopes they have some impressive wins but compared to the other teams in the playoffs I don’t think they have enough so lets hope this isn’t a repeat of their championship game blowout when they played Alabama. I write all that to say be happy with the four team system its not perfect by any means but its better than having the computer do it. No matter how many teams there are somebody will feel that they are left out and are better than the teams in there. These kids risk a lot going out there every Saturday to make a name for themselves. To to the NCAA pay these kids you all make billions off these kids in a year.

David Finley